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When some covered accident occurs having full knowledge about how to file an auto insurance claim can help one to save lots of time as well as tension tackling the process. When a car is damaged due to a road accident, or by natural calamity, or if it is stolen, the following steps must be followed to get your insurance claim:

  • Contact your insurance agent or local representative of the company as soon as possible even if the accident has been caused due to someone else’s fault. Your agent will guide you to complete the procedure and provide you assistance to fill up relevant forms or documents to support the claim. You need to submit medical as well as car repair bills in the “proof of loss” form. Besides that, a copy of the police report is also necessary in case of damages caused by accident or vandalism.
  • Make sure the auto body shop you hire will finish the repair work within a given timeline. Insurance policies have specific limits and deductibles, so inquire about the settlement amounts to prior signing off on repair costs. Generally, insurance companies provide a list of repair shops that comply with their terms. You can also choose any one of them to get a hassle-free claim.  
  • Provide all the required information your insurer asks for.  Your insurer will defend you if any claim is brought against you or if someone files a lawsuit against you as the result of an accident.
  • Keep all bills and documents regarding your expense. You will be paid all the expenses you incur due to the accident under your insurance policy. Keep in mind, that your no-fault insurer generally will be paying your medical expenses, and probably other costs for example lost wages and sometimes a portion of your expenses if you have to hire a short-term housekeeper.

In case you are dissatisfied with the settlement amount talk to your agent.